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365 days of spring

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Weather, temperatures and climate

  • Mild, spring-like weather all year round.
  • Today's FORECAST calls for spring like temperatures
  • Stable temperatures with an annual average of 21ºC (71.6ºF).
  • 3,000 hours of sunlight a year (it is the part of Europe with most hours of daylight).


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  • Rains: between November and January, light rains.
  • Annual average sea temperature: between 18ºC (64.4ºF) and 23ºC (73.4ºF).
  • One of the best climates in the world, according to studies carried out by universities and climatology experts.
  • In the second half of the 19th century, “health tourism” began to develop in the islands, with the arrival of the first tourists from different parts of Europe looking for cures and rest.
  • The special climate of the Canary Islands is a determining factor in the nature of the flora and fauna of the archipelago.