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Clarity and biological riches

Snorkeling 2


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You will feel like a fish in the water when you go snorkelling in the Canary Islands, where you will enjoy light, sea and mild temperatures all year round. Clean, protected waters, a dream shoreline, quality of services and professional monitors: these are the key elements that make the Canaries a paradise for snorkellers. Come on, put on your snorkel and goggles, and discover the fascinating spectacle of the life and colour of the surface of the ocean in the Canary Islands.

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Forget about making that trip to the moon to discover new sensations; the most direct formula to achieve this is to come on holiday to the Canary Islands and experience the snorkelling in its crystalline waters. Swimming on the surface of the sea round the islands, equipped with snorkel and goggles, feeling the pleasant sensation of there being no gravity, and renewing yourself in the peacefulness of total calm where you can only hear your breathing; all this is an enriching personal experience that you can’t miss.


The Canary Islands are the perfect place to discover yourself, relax, feel free and have a great time during those essential moments when you get away from your daily routing. Snorkelling is one of the many activities that will help you to feel refreshed and will keep you in shape; and in the Canaries you can enjoy it all year round thanks to the 365 days of sunshine and the average temperature of 21ºC (69,8ºF).  

Snorkelling is the first step towards underwater diving, which is an activity that enables you to get closer to the beauty of the big blue, and admire it without causing any environmental damage. To do this kind of underwater sport, the only things you need are the ability to swim, some goggles, a snorkel to breathe through, and a quick course in the hands of one of the many professional monitors that you can find in the Canaries. Snorkelling is an easy sport, suitable for all kinds of people. You can go down to depths of 10 to 20 metres below the surface, which is submersion that both children and adults can enjoy.


Have a great time in the Canaries going for a swimming trip alongside the little fish that come close, curious to greet you in your visit to this world of colours that change constantly like a kaleidoscope turning between the sun rays and the blue of the sea. Experience the magic of snorkelling in the Canary Islands, and discover its rich, spectacular underwater seascapes.