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The spectacular conditions in the Canary Islands offer endless opportunities for kitesurfing. Learn to kitesurf and fly at top speed over waves of up to three metres, pushed along by winds of three to eight knots on the Beaufort scale, or just enjoy watching the skilled windsurfers who ride the Canary Islands waves throughout the year, dotting the seascape with their colourful sails.

365 days of sunshine, an annual water temperature of 18 to 23ºC (64.4 to 73.4ºF), and excellent wind and sea conditions invite you to enjoy this wonderful adventure of flying and sailing. You’ll find more incentives with the stunning conditions on each of the seven Canary Islands, the beauty of their beaches, and a select range of watersports companies and organisations.


You’re guaranteed to feel the adrenaline and awesome thrills as you’re bewitched by speeding over the waves.



Fuerteventura’s a paradise for any sport that needs wind and sea. The northeast and southeast coasts of the island are perfect for all kinds of water sports, particularly kitesurfing. The endless white sand beaches, crystal clear water and steady wind are behind Fuerteventura’s reputation as one of the best places in the world to take up kitesurfing. The safe conditions and the technical level of the instructors are the final ingredients for an awesome experience. You’ll be enchanted by Fuerteventura.

Gran Canaria


The coast of Gran Canaria offers endless possibilities for water sports. The south and southeast of the island are ideal for wind and kite sports, with a steady wind racing over the sea throughout the year. In Gran Canaria the wind will be with you all the way as you ride across the waves.




Playa de Vargas

Playa del Águila

Playa de Tarajalillo

Punta de Maspalomas  



Lanzarote has top weather conditions for kitesurfing all year. The sea, the wind and the island’s welcoming temperature are essential elements for kitesurfing, a thrilling experience that’ll leave your holiday memories of Lanzarote tasting of salt and adventure. You’ll be back for more.