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Los Aborígenes 1

The aborigines

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The aborigines


Come with us on a journey through time. We are in the centuries before the Christian Era, when men and women dressed in animal skins, surviving as best they could on what they could get from precarious agricultural and farming techniques. Imagine what life must have been like for these human beings who depended entirely on their harvests, exposed to the weather, and with only rudimentary tools of stone and wood to help them.

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When you come to the Canary Islands you will be able to take a closer look, if you like, at the oldest history of this archipelago: the aboriginal world. Get caught up in this culture while you discover at first hand the exciting life of the Berber people who came to the islands in a series of settlements, coming from the north of Africa in search of new lands for cultivation or for grazing for their cattle. You will be amazed by their way of life, their customs and beliefs, their precarious subsistence based on primitive agriculture and farming, their rudimentary tools made almost exclusively from stone and wood.


Learn words from their language, like Tagoror, which was a type of council of elders in which the leaders met to discuss and take decisions about all the issues that affected the daily life of the community. Similarly, depending on the island, Mencey or Guanarteme, names used to designate the monarch who, at the head of the nobility, controlled the fates of all the citizens.


In the Canary Islands you can visit many archaeological sites from the aboriginal era, which have been of vital importance in providing us with a vast number of details about the daily life of this former population. You can also visit museums that conserve a large portion of these remains, among which we must mention the famous mummies. Yes, you read it correctly! The primitive inhabitants of the Canary Islands mummified their dead with embalsing techniques similar to those used by other ancient civilizations.


Their magical-religious world is fascinating, with different gods in each island, some of which are related to elements of the cosmos and nature like the god of the sky, of the sun, of the moon or of the rain. From this mythological world come many legends which have survived to our day. Now is your chance to discover them!